Hydro Solutions welcomes New Team Member

by Hydro Solutions | July 12, 2016 4:14 pm

We are very pleased to welcome a new addition to our team, Tim Bridges. Tim will join our field sales and service team where he will utilize his wealth of experience and expertise to provide outstanding service and problem resolution for our customers. We are delighted to have him on board.
Tim has spent 35 years in the industrial water treatment market. Having worked for the two majors from the entry level position to District Manager for 15 years, he then cofounded Solen, Inc. and Water Science Technologies.
He began his career as a front line Field Service Engineer and advanced through multiple roles as Technical Specialist, Account Manager, Area Manager and District Manager. He was President at Solen for 20 years.

Tim’s background is primarily heavy industry, ranging from primary metals, food processing plants, pulp and paper, ammonia plants, hydrocarbon processing, chemical processing and metal cleaning and conversion coatings. He has also spent many hours in commercial and institutional applications, aerospace and a sundry of other industries.

He has developed QMS, specifically ISO 9001:2008 and has in depth knowledge in many areas: steam and power generation, cooling systems, process, influent clarification, waste water, pretreatment, automation, manufacturing, process improvement, quality improvement, sales/contract negotiation, marketing, technical training & development, biocides for cooling & process applications.

His job is to provide sales/service support and insight into company operations. Depending on the customers’ needs, this can range from pointed tasks such as training and product development to increasing production capabilities, automation, GAP analysis, or identifying methods to reduce cost while enhancing customer satisfaction.

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