Cold Weather Nitrification Problem: As wastewater cools during cold weather, the metabolic rate of nitrifying bacteria slows down. Below 25 degrees Celsius, for every 5 degrees Celsius that the temperature drops in a wastewater environment the nitrification rate is cut in half. This wastewater temperature inhibition to nitrifying bacteria causes depletion of nitrification in numerous wastewater plants every winter. Coupled to this is the potential waste stream toxicity caused by quaternary ammonium compounds, surfactants (anionic and non-ionic), PA0 and other biocides. This cumulative inhibition (cold wastewater plus toxicant) leads to nitrification failure in wastewater plants with significant ammonia nitrogen loading.
Solution to Cold Weather Nitrification Problem: Through the introduction of a micro-carrier with a high cation exchange capacity for ammonia nitrogen, loss of nitrification during cold wastewater periods can be greatly reduced or eliminated. HYDROCARRIER –EN is a mineral based micro-carrier that pulls ammonia nitrogen into its interior to allow for a continuous enriched supply of ammonia nitrogen to the nitrifying bacteria that colonize its surface. The colonization of nitrifying onto the surface of HYDROCARRIER-EN, will allow for a greater density of notifying bacteria within the biomass of a wastewater system with a population of nitrifying bacteria.
HYDROCARRIER-EN can be introduced into a wastewater system prior to the onset of wastewater systems that are known to lose nitrification during cold weather periods or it can be introduced into wastewater systems that are currently experiencing a loss in nitrification. The introduction of HYDROCARRIER-EN into an activated sludge system will greatly increase the nitrification capacity of that wastewater system and assist in addressing both loss of nitrification due to cold wastewater temperatures and to waste stream toxicants.
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