Loss of Wastewater Nitrification or Inadequate Nitrification

Problem: Loss of Wastewater Nitrification or Inadequate Nitrification
Wastewater systems that are laden with ammonia nitrogen and have an ammonia nitrogen limit must have competent waste stream nitrification. Often times due to waste stream toxicity or inhibition, over-wasting of biomass (that contains the nitrifying bacteria), cold wastewater temperatures or over grazing by biomass micro-fauna, wastewater system nitrification is compromised to the point where it impacts the NH3-N effluent permit limit. At this point either another wastewater plants’ mixed liquor is brought in to boost the nitrifier content or a commercial nitrifier product is poured into it to correct the problem.
The problem with the first of these two approaches is that when someone else’s mixed liquor is fed into a wastewater plant, along with the nitrifying bacteria that you want for your system, you also get their filamentous bacteria that may lead to a huge filamentous bloom. Now the second approach in which you add a commercial nitrifying bacterial product may work also. The downside is that the commercial nitrifying bacterial products out there contain mostly water. When examining the average commercial nitrifying bacteria, the pink/red material laying on the bottom (after you let it settle) is the nitrifying bacteria. Usually, there’s not much there. Just as important as you compare containers of nitrifying bacteria, the red/pink portion that settles out is an indication that you are purchasing a different amount of active nitrifying bacteria cultures each time. This makes dosing this material very difficult and leads to erratic performance.

Solution of Loss of Wastewater Nitrification or Inadequate Nitrification
The introduction of a concentrated population of nitrifying bacteria harvested directly from a fermenter growing nitrifying bacteria cultures will allow for both a larger mass of nitrifying bacteria to be fed into your wastewater system and will provide for consistency for future applications of nitrifying bacteria.
RED TIGER is a highly concentrated form of nitrifying bacteria that has a deep red paste-like consistency indicating the large mass of nitrifying bacteria contained in the vessel. The larger the inoculation of nitrifying bacterial cultures into a nitrifying wastewater system will bring about a greater chance to reestablish competent waste stream nitrification. The large populations of Nitrosomonas, Nitrobacter, Nitrococcus and Nitroscoccus found in RED TIGER is unmatched in the commercial nitrifier industry. The consistency from batch to batch is unvaried which helps greatly in dosing nitrifying bacterial cultures to bring about competent wastewater nitrification. The chances of bringing about improved nitrification when utilizing a commercial nitrifying product is greatly enhanced when RED TIGER is utilized.

For more information on Red Tiger contact Randy Drake at 618-946-9694

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