Problem: – pH Swings in Flotation Systems Causing Inadequate Removal Capabilities

Do you experience pH swings in your flotation system? Does this cause you to pH adjust up or down utilizing acid material and basic material in order to increase your removal rate? Most plants that have pH swings (some very large) will adjust to be able to adequately treatment the system with traditional coagulant’s (inorganic/organic) and polymer’s (anionic/cationic/nonionic) because they have a desired range that they work well in. Traditionally the range for optimal traditional chemistry effectiveness is a relatively tight window which is hard to dial in especially with large pH swings.

Inadequate removal issues such as
• Increase loading to waste water facility
• Leads to increased costs in surcharges or increased cost in treatment to remove.
• By losing the ability to remove sellable products you’re losing out on the revenue which, depending on the pH swings, could be a large number.


What if you could dose at a pH of 2 to a pH of 12 and have no/limited issues with removability. Now you can – Hydro Solutions Grease Bandit™ chemistry can do just that. Grease Bandit™ is a Hydro Solutions priority blended coagulant that has the attributes of an organic coagulant, inorganic coagulant and a bulking agent in one product without the negative side effects such as toxicity, metal salts, thick viscosity, etc. Grease Bandit™ is not pH dependent and works at a wide range of efficacy. Where most chemicals used in the industry today don’t react well at low or high pH levels, Grease Bandit™ is still very much effective in liquid solid separation.

Grease Bandit™ Benefits:
• Reduced floc size on top of flotation cell
• Grease Bandit™ is effective at high temperatures (>200 F)
• Increased revenue additional protein capture
• Increase revenue additional FOG capture
• Phosphate reduction without having to use metal based coagulants
• Ability to operate at any pH level (restricted pH range with traditional chemistries)
• Less steam usage due to less water head flotation skimming’s = ENERGY SAVING
• Traditional chemistries tend form an emulsion layer (whether water or upstream chemistry related) which entrains FOG, TKN etc. that will immerse itself in the water effluent ultimately going to wastewater, increasing your FOG, protein and TKN loadings.
• Reduced solid loading going to the final lift/WWTP system.
• Any overfeed of Hydro Solutions Grease Bandit™ is considered a food source (GREEN) in wastewater lagoon systems. Your traditional chemistries (EPIDMA/FERRIC/ETC) can have a toxic effect on your microbiological treatment (wastewater).
For more information on how we can help contact Nick Musselman at (816) 261-1292.

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