Rendering Odor Control

Hydro Solutions provides a complete management system for  wet air scrubbers,  as well as a line of products for fugitive odor treatment.
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Air Scrubber Treatment

Our air scrubber management system includes air testing, customized chemical products/equipment, and regular maintenance and monitoring.
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Fugitive Odor Treatment

Our line of fugitive odor treatment products work in areas where air is not contained.
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Water Treatment

Our products provide an economical and effective solution for both wastewater and potable water applications, including testing total suspended solids and individualized polymer jar testing. Read More


Our biological waste-water treatment products are laboratory-tested and custom blended to promote healthy lagoons and wastewater systems. These new products encourage the growth of desirable wastewater bacteria through biological growth factors. We treat everything from essential element testing and quat kill to nitrification. Read More


Hydro Solutions carries a wide variety of polymers to effectively provide protein recovery & remove total suspended solids from the waste stream. Read More

Potable Water

Hydro Solutions carries a complete line of chemical products to treat your water from filtration to distribution. Read More