Water Treatment

As it is an essential commodity, proper water treatment is a vital component of many applications.  We provide a wide range of  polymers, coagulants, dispersants, and filtration products to fit most industrial and municipal applications. Whether yours is treating wastewater or potable water, Hydro Solutions is dedicated to providing an economical, EPA-approved solution.

Hydro Solutions has also developed a line of products that promote the growth of healthy bacteria and stimulate the desired indigenous microbial populations, while diminishing the unhealthy populations.   We customize the product for the specific needs of our wastewater treatment client. DAF, Influent, Effluent, Lagoons we are prepared to meet all of your water treatment needs.   Whether your issue is quat kills, nitrification, or essential elements, Hydro Solutions can design the right solution for you.  We can also provide a comprehensive analysis of the water being treated to provide the best solution to your specific needs.

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