Potable Water

Potable water treatment necessitates the removal or reduction of copper, lead, and other hard minerals. Our products will also reduce scale and corrosion, beneficial for any municipal water treatment system.

For the drinking water industry, well water treatment, or industrial supply, Hydro Solutions carries a complete line of chemical products to treat your water from filtration to distribution and includes a complete line of coagulant polymers utilized for optimum filtration. All drinking water additives meet ANSI Standard 60 certification.

What Advantages can Potable Corrosion Inhibitors Offer Over a Calcium Carbonate Stability (Langalier) Program?

  • Sequesters Calcium and Magnesium; inhibits scale formation both through sequestering and crystal modification.
  • Sequesters iron and manganese, eliminates “red” and “black” water and the stains and complaints associated with them.
  • Provides better passivation of all metallurgies, reducing corrosion rates on iron, copper, and brass.
  • Passivates lead and copper; promotes the formation of a stable lead compound, hydroxypyromorphite – one of the most stable forms of lead.
  • Provides cleaner distribution systems – helps remove bio-films and old corrosion products that have accumulated.
  • Can reduce chlorine demand if applied correctly by removing the metals as part of the chlorine demand.
  • Can be very cost effective to use if all the benefits are included in the analysis.

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