Our biological wastewater treatment products are laboratory-tested and custom blended to promote healthy lagoons and wastewater systems. These new products encourage the growth of desirable wastewater bacteria through biological growth factors. Each product we offer is customized to meet specific aerobic and anaerobic needs of the wastewater customer. They stimulate indigenous microbial populations to break down waste in the treated water.  We have developed innovative ways to address nitrification and quat kills.  We also provide a comprehensive analysis by biologists and laboratory technicians to ensure the best solution to the problems our customers are experiencing.

Available Products:


STUDY: Quaternary Ammonium Compounds Have Negative Impact on Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment

This anaerobic methane production study evaluates the full-scale efficacy of two biochemicals used to neutralize the impact of quaternary ammonium compounds (quat) in a pork processing waste stream.

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