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Anaerobic methane production study to evaluate the full-scale efficacy of two biochemicals used to neutralize the impact of quaternary  ammonium compounds in a pork processing waste stream.

“Wet Scrubber Removal of Odors and VOCs”, Render Magazine, April 1997

In order to be effective in removing VOCs from the air stream, all rendering air treatment programs, whether oxidizing or non-oxidizing, must react with odor or VOC compounds. The resulting reaction products need to have flashpoints higher than the bulk water temperature of the scrubber sump.

“Biofilters – Their Use and Cost in the Rendering Industry”, Render Magazine, August 1997

The purpose of this article is to provide information concerning the use of biofilters in the rendering industry, conditions that affect their performance, and the costs associated with their use. Biofilters utilize bacterial cultures contained within a moist media to remove odiferous compounds captured in the water from out of the air stream.

“High Pressure Condensate Return Systems”, Render Magazine, February 1997

High pressure condensate return systems are ideal: in systems that operate continuously or nearly continuously (more than 20 hours per day, six days per week); in tight systems or systems which have more than 80 percent condensate return; in well-maintained and monitored systems; and in systems utilizing steam treatment (neutralizing amines preferred).