One-Stop Consulting Team. Hydro Solutions, Inc. is a turnkey operation for professionals in the air and water treatment industries. We are dedicated to providing customized solutions so our customers can meet their air and water discharge permits, and operate their systems at optimum efficiency.

High Standards of Quality and Service. Our team has over 30 years of experience working with rendering and animal protein plants, as well as municipal water treatment systems. Hydro Solutions proudly assists our clients in achieving the industry’s highest levels of pollution prevention and reduction.


Air Scrubber Treatment and Optimization. Hydro Solutions specializes in providing a complete management system for air scrubbers, including air testing, customized chemical products/equipment, and regular maintenance and monitoring. Our programs prevent scale and grease accumulation, and our rapid response team is committed to helping our customers achieve downwind odor removal objectives.

Healthy Lagoons and Wastewater Systems. Our biological wastewater treatment products are laboratory-tested and custom blended to encourage the growth of desirable wastewater bacteria through biological growth factors.