20 years ago, one of our company founders was working with industrial water treatment systems in the southeast. After speaking with people in the rendering industry, he discovered that virtually no companies specialized in serving the animal protein/rendering industries; instead, these companies would sell generic chemicals and equipment from other industries, leaving the plant without testing the air, water, scrubbers, lagoons, or even visiting the plant beyond the office.

Hydro Solutions, Inc. was founded in 1993 to specialize in providing engineered solutions for industrial water treatment, and our expertise has expanded to include odor and pollution control in the rendering and animal protein industry. Our product line now includes odor reactants, synthetic polymers, and potable rust inhibitors.

Our odor abatement program considers the plant as a whole: this includes a patent-pending line of products specifically designed for air scrubbers at rendering plants. Hydro Solutions constantly updates and improves existing products while developing new ones. We routinely revisit old assumptions and test them against the newest engineering studies and computer modeling. We are eager to use new technologies for the purpose of lowering production costs or improving overall plant efficiency.

Over the years, as we have expanded into new areas and broadened our services, we have maintained this holistic approach. Each new client is treated as unique. Equipment and chemical programs are designed to meet that plant’s specific needs.

Hydro Solutions operates out of a corporate office in Louisville, KY, as well as a manufacturing and distribution facility in southern Kentucky.