Air Scrubber Treatment

Photo courtesy AC Corporation, Greensboro, NC

Efficiency. Our engineered equipment works to attain optimum efficiency in your wet air scrubber, removing scale and grease and keeping it clean.

Results. Our chemical programs remove VOCs and odor compounds from the airstream to meet downwind objectives.

Service. We pride ourselves on being air scrubber experts, providing our customers with regular on-site maintenance and adjustments, as well as remote system monitoring.


REACT-OX is a line of products intended to work within your air scrubber. The technology is designed to produce a strong, complete, organic reaction to safely remove VOC and odorous gases, and odor causing compounds from the airstream and into the water of the sump for safe and effective odor control. This is a reactant, not just cover scent.  It is a complete, constant maintenance program for the wet air scrubber, incorporating scale inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors, and oil/sludge dispersants, along with odor control.

Equipment Survey

A key factor in removing VOCs and odors is having properly engineered and maintained air handling equipment. This equipment is a critical component of a successful odor removal program, and can affect how well your wet air scrubber removes contaminants. As a value-added service, Hydro Solutions will provide a complete equipment survey as part of your odor removal program. Here is a partial checklist:

  • Performance of make up water supply system
  • Performance of level sensors
  • Water temperature of sump in parameters
  • Stack air temperature in parameters
  • Pressure drop across the packing in spec
  • Volume of air flow vs. unit design
  • Blowdown of sump water in parameters
  • Raw air test of contaminants
  • Test of stack air
  • Test for safety limit of oxidizers (if used)

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